Project Policy

  1. Project Funding:

    a. The Prior Lake Rotary will allocate funds ranging from $750,000 to $1,000,000 to the winning project, as determined by a thorough evaluation process.
    b. The allocated funds will be disbursed in installments based on pre-defined milestones and project requirements.
    c. The Rotary reserves the right to modify the funding amount based on unforeseen circumstances or project adjustments, with clear communication to the winning party.

  2. Project Proposal Evaluation:

    a. All project proposals will undergo a rigorous evaluation process, including an assessment of feasibility, impact, sustainability, and community benefit.
    b. The Rotary will establish a selection committee comprising members with relevant expertise to evaluate and select the winning project.
    c. The committee’s decision will be final and binding.

  3. Project Accountability:

    a. The winning party will be required to provide regular progress reports and updates to the Rotary, demonstrating the effective use of funds and progress towards project goals.
    b. The Rotary reserves the right to conduct periodic inspections and audits to ensure adherence to project objectives and proper utilization of funds.

  4. Project Alterations or Cancellation:

    a. In the event that circumstances arise where the winning project requires additional funding beyond the allocated amount, the Rotary will consider the request on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability of funds and a comprehensive evaluation of the new requirements.
    b. If, after the project has commenced, it becomes evident that continuing with the project may have adverse consequences or does not align with the intended goals, the Rotary retains the right to reassess the project and, if necessary, terminate the funding. Any decision to terminate the project will be made after careful consideration and consultation with all involved parties.

  5. Legal and Liability:

    a. The winning party will be required to sign a legally binding agreement with the Rotary, outlining the terms and conditions of the project, including the utilization of funds, reporting requirements, and liability clauses.
    b. The Rotary will not be held liable for any damages, losses, or liabilities arising from the implementation of the project. The winning party will assume full responsibility for the project’s execution.

  6. Dispute Resolution:

    a. In the case of any disputes or disagreements arising during the project implementation, both parties agree to engage in a mediation or arbitration process to resolve the matter amicably.